Saturday, 10 January 2015

Relaxation and Sunburn

Last weekend we were invited to our friends cabin in Forster, a little coastal town about 2 hours North of where we live. 

It was so lovely to get away from the house, even though we couldn't bring our babies (thanks for babysitting Mum!). Beach everyday, reading a book in peace, logged off from social media (most of the time).

 Benn off for a surf at 8am while I did some squats and sit ups.

I actually got into the water too. I am pretty afraid of waves and I am terrified of getting dunked. But Benn took me by the hand and very lovingly led me out into the water safely. I was still so anxious the whole time and exhausted by the end of it, but proud of my accomplishment!

Thanks so the selfie stick, I was able to get lots of "couple shots". Benn never has to worry about not being in a photo again (he's going to love it).

It's amazing how a weekend away can regenerate your mind and relationship! I loved spending the weekend in a new place with my hubby. We need to do it more often! 
Next on the list is camping with our babes.


Unfortunately though, no beach trip is complete without myself being severely sun burnt. Even after I put sunscreen on before AND after every time we went into the sun. 

I cannot win.

And I am still suffering a week later.

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