Monday, 5 January 2015

A Strong and Courageous 2015

I m a big fan of making New Years Resolutions, as I feel it's always good to strive for something. I am constantly making "to-do" lists, so why would a list of things to accomplish during the year be any different? Even if some things may not be reached, like the past, at least I have tried. For me, it's all about trying to become a better person and I believe that resolutions help us do that. 
This year, along with some resolutions, I wanted to have a quote or words to "live" by in a way.

So this year I have chosen the following: Be Strong and of good Courage

There is a few ways this will contribute to my life this year, so I thought I would share a few:

I need STRENGTH to keep up with my fitness goals! I need to be strong to keep to my goal by getting out of bed to do it and finding time on busy days - no matter what! I need to get a proper schedule happening and actually keep to it, rather then stopping after a week. Not only will I gain physical strength but I know it will strengthen my mind.

I need STRENGTH to finish my final year of university. I have a big year ahead, with an internship in August and I need to be strong to make it through!

I need COURAGE to not only stand up for my beliefs, but to share them with others. I might be great and speaking about my beliefs online, but in person is a whole other ball game for me. This year I want to accomplish that.

I need COURAGE to and always stick to my standards no matter what. I have trouble making decisions and sometimes this leads to me just going along with others. Don't worry, nothing too dramatic, I just want to have courage to speak what I feel and stand for, not just say nothing.

The above things give you a general idea about my main goals this year. I have many others too, like reading more and going on date nights with the hubby more often.
Here's to another year!

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