Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Monthly Memories | November

Due to the craziness of my November/December at prac, I completly forgot and didn't have time to do the monthy memory post! If you follow me on instagram @theaussieosborns or @neivelouise you may have seen some of these posts, but if not. Here is a re-cap of November.

 The Month started off with an Osborn wedding! My brother in law Alex married his long term partner, Vanessa. It was such a magical day and she was a beautiful bride. See more photos HERE.

A quote that I saw shared on social media which I love. I also added this caption;
"Thoughts become words, words become actions, actions become habits, habits become behaviours, behaviours become your character. And your character becomes your destiny."

Selfie to show my first day of prac! I was very excited for what lay ahead.

An extremly naughty yet delicious Toblerone Brownie Cheesecake my friend and I made. I am not a cheesecake eater and it was AMAZING. Recipe HERE.

 I was very lucky to accompany my students on a trip to the Sydney Opera House during my prac. We watched a Christmas concert and needless to say the Kindergarten kids were AMAZED with the city - "woah big bridge", "look opera house", "so many tall buildings, "trains!", "so many cars!"

To finish the month we went for a nice 4WD up in a local yet beautiful state forest. We were out from 10 - 7:30pm. I think that would have to be our biggest 4WDing days yet!

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