Sunday, 2 November 2014

Sunday Seven

  1. Yesterday we celebrated Benn's brother Alex's wedding, to his beautiful wife Vanessa! It was such a lovely (yet slightly windy and wet) day, I will blog more about it later :)
  2. I have exercised everyday this week. 50 sit ups and 30 squats everyday, while walking for 1 hour a day every second day. I'm feeling great and have lost half an inch! So happy.
  3. I have also been trying to drink 3 litres of water each day also, which is making me feel really good. Hoping it clears up my skin :)
  4. My no bread diet went well this week. I had one small bread roll last night at the wedding. And two wraps during the week (which I allowed myself to eat when I was CRAVING bread). I feel a little less bloated so that's a plus! Here's to week two...
  5. I only have 1 thing left to do at uni, an online exam on Tuesday and then I am FREEEE... for 4 whole days. Prac starts a week from tomorrow! Benn has one exam left on Nov 15th (we to drag it out right!?) then he has finished his first year! So proud of him!!!
  6. It was so hot yesterday (33 degrees when we woke up!!), so naturally we went to the beach first thing. I totally went swimming again! I'm on a roll. And I only got slightly burnt. I'd call that a very successful beach trip.
  7. We just finished the latest Big Bang series, so have nothing left to watch! If anyone has any suggestions i'd love to hear them! (Hopefully we haven't seen what you suggest haha)
Hope everyone had a wonderful week and an even better weekend!

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