Monday, 17 November 2014

Our Story: How We Met

I thought I would finally write a post about how Benn and I met. It's nothing to spectacular, but it's our story and seeing this is all about "The Aussie Osborns" I feel like it needs to be written!

Our first outing as a couple (taken a month after we met)
We are such BABIES!!!

It was Friday, the 7th of February, 2009. I was 18, he was 20.

I had spent the day shopping with a friend and I had planned to go home after as I was not in the best mood due to something that happened previously in the week. My friend begged me to come out as it was a celebration for hr birthday a few days before and she had only just turned 18. I obliged.

Benn was at worked and his friend rang him telling him to come out for his brithday that night. And for once he said yes (Benn is not a fan of "clubs"). So they all hopped on a train and made the 90 minute journey up to the city.

We went to CLUB (I won't mention the name, due to privacy and embarassment - it's a silly name, okay fine it was called "Fanny's"). I decided that night that "I had a boyfriend" to anyone that asked to buy me a drink, because I didn't want that I just wanted to dance . So danced I did. A lot. I danced with my friends for hours, actually enjoying myself (I do love a good dancing session) and at one point I went to sit down by myself and catch my breathe.

Benn and friends were on their way to another club when at the last miniute the birthday boy changed his mind and decided to go to CLUB. They went straight in and found a spot to dance/drink/check out chicks (thats what boys do right?).

So, after taking a breather and fiddling on my phone I look up and see this boy with blonde hair walking directly over to me.
Boy: "Want to go our for a smoke?" (not realising that it is 2 minutes to curfew and once you go out there is no coming back)
Girl: "NO GO AWAY" (What a creep, asking me ou for a smoke so I get locked out with him!!??).
He walked away and after a few minutes came back..
Boy: "Can I buy you a drink?"
Girl: "No you can't. Leave me alone". So off he went.
It wasn't until a few minutes later that I looked around and I couldn't see any of my friends. No one sitting, no one dancing. It was at this point that I realised I knew no-one in the room except for this boy who had offered to buy me a drink. So I thought why not? On the way I can look for my friends.

So I walked on over. I remember all his friends looking at me and pointing "OI SHE CAME BACK". And he turned around. "So do you still want to buy me that drink?"

We went to the bar then found a spot to sit back down again (still couldn't see my friends). And chatted for ages. I don't know how long it was for but we talked right up until his friends came and found him to catch the train home. One of the major things we talked about that sticks out in my mind is the whole "when is your birthday" convo.
Benn: Mine is in May.
Girl: Same! What day?
Boy: 9th
Girl: Um, WHAT!?
Boy: 9th.
Girl: Your lying cause SO IS MINE.

It was pretty cool to say the least.
Before he left we swapped numbers and didn't stop texting and talking on the phone from that day forward (he lived about an hour or so away). It actually took us two weeks to meet up again but I'll save that story for another day....


So that is how we met. CAN YOU FEEL THE ROMANCE? haha. But seriously, I remember telling mum and then saying to her "imagine if we got married, I'm going to have to tell my kids and grandkids that we met in some club hahaha". Looks like I will be telling this story after all!

Stay tuned for next month, where I will be writing about our first year together...

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