Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Spring Bucket List

Todays blog-tember challenge is to create a "Fall Bucket List", and since it's not currently fall here in Australia (technically we call it Autumn), I have decided to make a Spring list instead. I am so excited for it to get warmer and the days to get longer (day light savings starts in less then 2 weeks!!). My favourite seasons are Autumn and Spring, so I love this time of year!

Fall Spring Bucket List

1. De-clutter house
2. Re-arrange house
3. Eat fruit everyday
4. Change blog layout
5. Fix sewing machine 
6. Make cushion covers x3
7. Make a "photo frame wall"
8. Paint canvas' for bedroom
9. Go for a walk 6 days a week; 30 minutes minimum
10. Sort through all paperwork in study (sounds like a fun job... not)

I am so keen to get this list started (number 1, 2 and 8 are already underway!) and to get the house ready for Summer. 10 things may seem a bit ambitious, however, I would rather set myself up for more then less, as some of the things on my list O have been saying "I'll do that soon" for AGES! During summer we get approximately 10 weeks holidays from university, so I like this "bucket list" idea and will probably make another one then! But for now, let's just accomplish the 10 I already have...

Whats on your bucket list for this season?

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