Monday, 2 December 2013

12 Weeks of Pinterest.

The end of a University year commences a 3-month break, one which many people work "full-time" at their casual jobs. As I do not have a job and until I aquire one, I find myself very bored during the day and end up wasting my time mindlessly on the computer or watching movies. Both of which make me feel slightly guilty doing whilst Benn is working hard 9 hours a day at his job. Don't get me wrong, I loove relaxing. But a few days or a week is long enough before I start losing my mind.

To try and use my time wisely before I begin my studies again in February of 2014, I plan to finally acomplish some of the many projects I have pinned on my Pinterest. I have a habit of giving myself more then what I can handle, so I have decided to aim for 12 different projects over the 3 months, which works out to be one a week. If I accomplish more (which would be ideal) - thats just a bonus. I have tried to find projects which require minimual ammount of money, or resources that I may already have at home. Knowing me, I will probably alter them slightly so I will do my own "how-to" posts of any changes, 
I might make for those of you playing along. 

The list is as follows (in no paticular order);

1. Dry Erase Board Calander. View my post here.
2. "Scrabble" Name Frame. - I plan on making one for my grandmother for Christmas with all 14 grandchildren names. I really hope it works out -  And It did!!
3. Framed Lyrics.
4. Wood, Nail and Twine Board.. View my version here.
5. Starboard Skirt.
6. Fabric Headband.
7. Doilies on Canvas.
8. Kitchen Menu.
9. Crayon Canvas.
10.  Date Night Jar. - Because Benn and I need to date each other more!!! Check out mine.
11. Mother and Daughter Photo Board - for Mum for Christmas. - I have done this, however, I literally took no photos of the process or final result. So there is no point making a post. When I visit Mum next I will take a photo of the result so I can at least show you guys, because I altered it quite a bit.

12. Christmas Gifts - Salt Dough Ornaments (post here) & Bath Salt Jars.